Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Apr 4 - C for Candid #AtoZChallenge

C for candid photography. Candid photography is taking unposed photos of people. These are informal photos where the subject is unaware they are being photographed. Candid photos capture some amazing emotions and expressions of people, as they are natural.

Some tips when taking candid photographs are keeping the camera at hip level. This doesn't alert the subject resulting in natural poses and second, this angle gives some interesting photos. Always keep the camera ready to shoot and wait for the that special moment to capture it. Always take multiple images or shoot in burst mode. Recommended lens is telephoto lens or zoom in if using a point and shoot camera.

I am very uncomfortable taking candid photos of strangers and that too posting on a blog. The best subjects for this photography are family and friends as they would not mind you taking there candid shots. Candid photography is quite popular during weddings and special events. Some people hire two sets of photographers; one for formal photos and other for informal or candid photos.

Camera: Sony Mark 3 RX 100
Picture of the day in 2013: Bridges
Picture of the day in 2012: Industrial
Picture of the day in 2011: Random click: flowers


  1. I must try to get some candid shots like this for out thematic photographic themes.
    I usually avoid snapping people though.

    C for Chatsworth http://bit.ly/2nDWOdT

  2. These are some great tips ..I have a DSLR but still do not know many things.

  3. True that. Taking pictures of strangers sometimes becomes quite awkward even when clicking candid.

  4. I like candid shots better than "fabricated, perfect" pictures.
    Was yours taken at a mall, or what is that in the background?


    1. It wasn't in a mall. It was in Times Square. One side of the street was closed and is converted into a sitting area. The background is chairs and table are from the sitting area and the street side stores.

  5. I avoid people pictures too when they will go on the blog, but I have taken a few at author events I've attended. If I think I'm going to post it on the blog, I ask the person(s) before I leave if it is okay to post their picture. Donna from Girl Who Reads

    1. Even I do that most of the time and it is always better to take permission before putting on the blog as I would expect the same.