This blog is a collection of photos and exploration of my photography skills. I have not been updating this blog and have neglect it for a very long time. Recently, I came across a few photo blogs, who are on a mission to post a picture a day, in 2010. I liked the idea and decided to do it as well. I am starting it late, in 2nd week of April, but thought I would give it a try and see how long I can keep up with this challenge! At least, this is a motivation to update this blog regularly.

Update Jan 4, 2012: I am still doing Project 365, a picture a day and this April, I will complete 2 years of P365. According to the rules, we are supposed to take a picture everyday and at times it is very difficult. I usually post a picture I click on that day but there are times when I have posted an old picture and do mention it whenever I do so.

I used Sony DSC T10 camera until last week of Oct 2011 and now I am using Sony DSC WX9. Yes, I have a point & shoot camera and I find it easy to carry around.

I hope you like my clicks! Please do visit the blog and give your valuable comments.

Update May 13, 2012:  I recently bought Nikon D5100 and am still learning to use the camera.  Pictures taken from Apr 29, 2012 are with DSLR.  I picked up the lightest DSRL camera and it wasn't my first choice.  The one I initially bought was very heavy and there was no way I would carry it around.  So I decided on this.  Even this camera is heavy to carry around everyday in a bag.  I plan on taking as many pictures as possible with it but whenever I use the point & shoot, Sony DSC-WX9, I will mention it in the post.

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  1. Hi from a fellow Nikon D5100 owner who graduated from a Sony Cybershot W-150 quite recently. You have got some really good captures. I enjoyed looking through your photos :)

    When you find the time do drop in here: http://shutterbuglady.wordpress.com/