Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jan 22 - Gapstow Bridge

Hello everyone, wish you all a happy new year!! I know I am late in wishing you all. This blog as been silent for sometime and may continue to be so as I am not very not motivated to take any pictures. However, I shall try to update the space, whenever possible.
Though I have not posted my Gapstow bridge pictures for the last two months, I did take them and will try to update them soon and yes, I am still doing the seasons of Gapstow Bridge project. I took my last month's picture very late and delayed taking this month's picture as I wanted to give some gap between the two photos. This is this month's picture.
Camera: Sony RX100 iii
Picture of the day in 2015: Decorated pots
Picture of the day in 2013: Looking Through
Picture of the day in 2012: Symmetry
Picture of the day in 2011: Spring??

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