Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 5 ~ Day 5 - Vegetables for the priest

According to telugu calendar, tomorrow is my athamma's / mother-in-law's tithi, passing away anniversary. We perform a small ritual and then these vegetables, rice and some spices are offered to the priest.  In olden days, priests cooked their own food and hence were given enough ingredients and produce for one meal. The tradition is still followed.

I did my groceries today bought the veggies for the priest.  If you are wondering what those vegetables are, top left is a bag of beans, top right is a bag of okra, bottom right are tomatoes, bottom left are brinjals/eggplant and in the middle is pumpkin.  

This day, last year: My new cookbook

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  1. vegetables look colurful and yes we follow that trdition when thithi is not done at home