Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 18 ~ Day 18 - Window

Starting today, I am doing my Project 365 along with Project 365 Group. A theme for the is emailed every day and we need to click a picture based on the theme. Today is Day 1. I think I will do 30 days and see how it goes with the group. If I like it, I will continue with the group.

This day, last year: Rainy day. What a coincidence! Last year I  posted a window related picture :)


  1. thats a pretty click! the traditional look! not very common these days!

  2. Smitha, I love those windows and whenever I walk in that direction, I always take that street to look at those windows.

    Lubna, thanks!

  3. wat is this project 365 with a theme..can u pls share on my id pls

  4. Sirisha, I am unable to access your id. Project 365 group is start by this person who blogs at

    If you register here, - he will send you a theme everyday and you have take picture based on that theme and upload it to "Project 365 group" facebook page. Since I am already doing P365, I am posting it here as well.