Thursday, April 6, 2017

Apr 6 - E for Exposure #AtoZChallenge

Settings - shutter speed 4 seconds, f stop 16 & ISO 100
E for Exposure. Exposure is foundation of photography. Exposure is amount of light reaching the image sensor when the shutter of the camera is released (photo is clicked). Amount of light let into the camera is determined by aperture (f-stop or the opening of the lens), shutter speed and ISO, collectively known as exposure triangle.

When shooting in manual mode, these three settings are adjusted to get a well exposured photo. Just like aperture, shutter speed is adjusted to achieve a specific type of photography. Shutter speed is adjusted to capture action, motion and speed in photos and also in low light conditions. Today's photo was taken this evening, soon after sunset. As it was dark, I played with shutter speed for right exposure. In other words, this photo is a long exposure photo as the shutter speed was 4 seconds (shutter of the camera was open for 4 seconds). Since I also wanted a deep depth of field to capture the tress and clouds in the background, I used a higher f-stop, resulting in a small lens opening and less light going into the lens. Hence shutter was open for 4 seconds.

It sounds too technical but once one understands the three settings that influence exposure and exposure triangle, playing with the toy (camera) is lot more fun and at the same time frustration as well!! I tried different subjects with long exposure this evening and this was the only decent photo that could go on the blog.

Camera: Nikon 5100
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