Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct 13 - Day 286: Learning New Software

I shoot my pictures in JPEG and post processing is easy as the camera does most of the work for me. If not into photography, one might wonder how else would your shoot pictures. The other way is to shooting in RAW and then process the images using photo editing softwares that can read RAW images. This is how professional and some of the amature photographers shoot. That gives lot more flexibility in editing the images during post production. I shot this image in RAW and tried to process it but not very successful :( I am determined to learn to edit my RAW images.
You can find the recipe for this clear soup and the image I shot in JPEG here. Most of the DSLR cameras give the option of shooting in both RAW & JPEG. I am shooting in RAW + JGEP until I figure out how to successfully edit RAW images. Until then the JPEG images are gone to be my backup.
Camera: Nikon 5100
Picture of the day in 2011: Occupy Wall Street
Picture of the day in 2010: Octopus salad

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