Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct 13 ~ Day 286 - Occupy Wall Street

I had lunch with a few of my friends in Wall Street area and then headed over to Zuccotti Park to check out the Occupy Wall Street crowd.
These people have camped in the park for the past 4 weeks, protesting the economic inequality in the country and the corporate influence over the government. Today is the 27th day of the protest. 
City officials are going to clean the park tomorrow at 7am and the protesters need to vacate the area. They can come back after the cleaning but the protesters are skeptical about it. They are afraid they won't be allowed to come back and some of the protestors are unwilling to move from the park. The sign in the above picture is a jab at the mayor as he is one among the 1% of America that these protesters are protesting against.

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