Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jun 3 - Day 154: Green Chilies!!

I found some chilies and the price isn't ridiculously expensive either. $5.99 a pound is still more than twice the regular price but I was over joyed to find some chilies and also at a decent price. A month ago it was $12 a pound. There is a ban on chilies and I have heard various reasons for the ban. One version is that USDA found some bacteria on these green chilies and banned them for sometime. The second version is that some of the Asian countries were importing drugs in the chilies and hence the ban. However I seriously doubt that as I always thought that the chilies we get here in the US were grown in the south; Florida & Southern California or were imported from Mexico. The third version from a Thai storekeeper is that there is a drought in California and hence the shortage of Thai chilies. Regardless of the reason, there is a shortage in chilies, specially on the east coast. My friends and family on the west coast are not even aware of it.
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