Monday, June 22, 2015

Jun 22 - Day 173: Letter of Appreciation for my Hair Donation

Three months ago I chopped off 12 - 14" of my hair to make a hair donation. There are many organizations that accept healthy natural hair and make wigs with natural hair for cancer patients and for children who are suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. After doing some research I sent my hair to beautiful lengths 6-7 weeks ago. I was not sure if they would accept my hair as I have some gray hair and have used henna, a natural dye, to dye my hair. I received the this letter 2-3 days ago and only saw it yesterday. I was happy the hair is good to be used for a wig. At least 8 ponytails are required to make one wig and my hair is going to be one of eight ponies that is going to be used to make a wig. These wigs will help cancer patients suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment.
Years ago when I cut my hair short, I did not know about the hair donation. In 2001, when I cut my long hair short, my building door main asked me if I had donated the hair and that was the first time I came to know about hair donation. I felt bad I had missed an opportunity to donate and that was the second time I had cut my long hair short. I could finally donate the hair this year and this might probably be the first and last hair donate. I would love to do it again but my gray hair might be a problem next time. :(

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