Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wish you all a Happy New year!

I am late updating the blog. I am continuing my photo project this year and just like last year, I am doing project 52 weeks. I don't think I have enough motivation nor the energy to do project 365 this year. After doing it for almost 3 years, it is no longer interests me. More than the interest, project 365 needs lot of dedication, discipline and focus to stay on track. I do not want to start a project and give it up half way thru. As it is I missed last couple of weeks of my P 52 weeks last year. At least this year, I intent to be on track and reach the finish line.

This year I am doing two project 52 weeks simultaneously and also a project 12 months. The first project 52 weeks is with the same group I did last year with general themes every week. Project 12 months is with the same group with a monthly theme. We decided to have a weekly & a monthly theme to make it easy on members who have a busy schedule yet want to continue photography the project.

The second project 52 weeks is food styling 52 weeks. All the pictures in this project are only food picture.  Since I more interested in food photography, I am more excited about this project than the other two.  

I have already fallen behind on my themes and hope to catch up very soon. Wish me luck to stay on course and finish these projects successfully.
Picture of the day in 2013 
Picture of the day in 2012 
Picture of the day in 2011

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