Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 1 - Look how far we have come

For this theme, we look at some of the old pictures and see the improvement in our photography so far. The last picture is from week 3 of last year. I used the same subject and background that I used a year ago. I do not know how the weather was on that day but today it is a cloudy day. Looking at last year's picture, I am guessing it was a sunny day. Back then I knew my camera had a White Balance setting but did not know how to use it effectively. I always used auto WB. Now I rarely use auto WB for my food photography. I still struggle with it a bit and at times when I am not sure which settings to use, I try both sunny & cloudy setting. Today although it was cloudy, I liked the pictures with sunny WB.  Since it was a cloudy day, I used card boards as reflectors to bounce back the light on to my subject. Below picture is with same setting as above with a different background.
Below picture is from last year.
Camera: Nikon 5100
Picture of the day in 2013 
Picture of the day in 2012 
Picture of the day in 2011

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