Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9 ~ Day 129 - Evening in the park

Location: Central Park
The park is so serene in the evening, good place to read a book, do some soul searching, to have some "me time" and enjoy the nature!

My camera is been acting weird lately. This evening, while I was taking pictures in the park, it started making this weird squeaky noise. It did no such thing in the afternoon, when I took some pictures for MySpicyKitchen. It did the same thing few days ago. I think it is high time I upgrade my camera and time to start looking for DSRL, before this camera breaks down on me.

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  1. Nice composition Usha, very serene!

  2. yeah u think its time to invest in DSLR, or else we will be missing all the good click of City through your eyes....