Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5 ~ Day 125 - Watched the wedding live!

I can't believed I sat put and watched NTR JR's wedding live, for 40-50 minutes up to the muhurat at 5:10pm EST/2:40 am IST! Live coverage started around 10:30 am but I did not waste my time watching it all day.

This day, last year


  1. I watched the re-runs on Tv9. Traditional, Extravagant and Glamourous wedding :)

  2. Yes it was! Pranathi was cute in the red/golden saree.

  3. Oh, meerandaroo ee wedding Livelo choosaara...antha dooramlo vundi meeru choosaaru kaanee nenu TVlo live vasthunte gurru petti nidrapoyaanu..