Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug 9 - Photo session on a busy NYC street! Should I post it or not?

Today as I was crossing the street on 34th street towards Macy's, I spotted a couple, bride and a groom on the middle of the cross walk kissing/pretending to kiss for a photo. As soon as I saw them, this blog came to my mind. I didn't feel right to take a picture of the couple with out their permission and walked away. I walked a few steps forward and noticed that people around me were looking at the spectacle and some of them even reached to their camera. Then I thought, why not me? By the time I pulled out my camera, the couple were done with their photo shoot and were walking away. Even better I thought, all I have now is their backs!

As I was composing this draft, U read it and asked me not to post it as I don't have their permission.  What do you think?  Should I keep the picture or remove it?  Since I don't have their faces, is it ok to post the picture here?

To the couple in the picture, whoever you are,  please let me know if you want me to pull out this picture.


  1. It is okay as the faces are not revealed and it can actually be ANYBODY.. and it is such a lovely scene you dont get to see every day on the road...

  2. I volunteer at hospitals, senior care homes etc and it's generally not acceptable to take pictures but i was told that it's ok if they;re of the facility or the backs of people. I guess the same would apply to weddings and street shots. Unless you're prying or shoving the camera in their faces, it's ok.

  3. I'm doing a year-in-pictures project, too, and was pondering the same question: Is it okay to take a post photos of people without their permission. Here's my post.
    There were some interesting comments.

  4. I think its okay if you don't show their faces. If there is a clear shot of the face, it will be good to ask permission. I have two pics like that. For one I paid a buck to a guy to pose for me and the other one was the person who has a horse and carriage for tourists and he happily posed for my picture. So I didn't really ask for permission, I am sure he is used to having his picture all over the net.

  5. This is a nice picture. I would say keep it because it's just their backs - that's how I decide on my photos anyway. Sometimes I even morph the picture if I can't resist putting it up - if their faces are shown!