Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week # 26 / 4 - Over Exposure Artistic Style

This is a candid shot I took while I was waiting for the trucks to move near the fountain in Central Park. There was a movie filming in the park and some of the pathways were barricaded. I was waiting on the Bethesda terrace for the organizers to move their vehicle near the fountain so that I could get a clear picture of the it. They were putting up barricades on the lower level near the fountain as well, blocking the passage leading to the fountain from under the terrace. That is when I saw this man on the lower level of the terrace and took a candid picture.
What a coincidence! Last year I was at the same terrace to take a picture for my photoblog.
Picture of the day in 2012: Three
Picture of the day in 2011: Sunflower bouquet
Picture of the day in 2010: Trash

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