Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 11 - Animated clock in the park

I thought of taking a picture of the Columbus day parade for the blog and I thought the parade was until 4 pm.  I got there  by 3:15 pm.  Unfortunately, the parade had moved on to uptown by the time I got to 59th street.  Since I was already near the park, I took a stroll in the park.  I love central park and each time I go there, I find something new and interesting.  Last week, it was the Strawberry Fields, 2.5 acres of the park dedicated to John Lennon and today, this animated cock.  This is located in the children's zoo and I usually enter the park and walk thru this clock almost every time I am in the park.  All this time I was unaware that this clock is animated.  It animates at the top and bottom of the hour, everyday from 8 am.  The animals under the clock animate.

  Changing colors.

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